Vegas Poster Board Signs

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Vegas poster board signs are in demand at the tradeshows and conventions. These foam board signs are cheap in price and very impressive looking. The foam core signs are made to be temporary signs, as they are made with foam board. The foam board has a outer sheet that allows printing on the board. The sign boards are light weight and can be displayed on easels and hung from above.

The poster board signs come in different thicknesses to meet your marketing needs. For example, the standard 3/16ths foam board is great for easels and display. The 1/2″ thick foam board and 1″ thick foam board signs are perfect for stand up signage. These large poster foam signs can be 3×6 foam board signs and 4×8 foam board signs and set to stand up on spider legs. The casinos use these large poster foam board signs as advertising in the casinos. The casinos also use the foam core signs as directional signage. The Las Vegas signs are also used at events in Vegas. With hundreds of events and shows a year being held in Vegas. Many sign shops keep busy poster board sign printing.

Vegas Poster Board Signs
Vegas Poster Board Signage

Vegas Poster Board Signs Can Be Made Fast

Many vendors and companies displaying at the event venues prefer to have there trade show signs made in Vegas. Not only does this save money on expensive shipping. It also makes sure that the signs will be here in good shape when you arrive. So often the shipping companies will lose packages or damage packages. When this happens, panic sets in and the signs have to be made again quickly. Fortunately there are Vegas sign shops like Signs of Las Vegas who can make the signs and banners fast. Thanks to state of the art sign printing machines.