Cheap Vegas Dust Signs

Clark County Dust Control Signs

Cheap Vegas dust signs are great to save money. So who does not want to save money in these hard economic times. It costs a lot of money to build a house or commercial building. So saving a few bucks here and there is a good thing. The Dept. of Environment and Sustainability require a dust sign for construction projects. On these Clark County dust signs certain information is required. So this allows for people to contact the responsible party about dust complaints.

Cheap Vegas Dust Signs
Cheap Vegas Dust Control Permit Signs

What Information is Required on a Cheap Vegas Dust Signs.

The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability require certain text and information. To be on dust control permit signs. The text needs to be certain heights and a layout template must be followed. The govt. requires simple information such as the permittee and name of the project. So additional information required on the Las Vegas dust sign includes acreage and expiration dates. Also permit numbers and contact information for the responsible party.

The dust signs themselves are printed on a vinyl application and then laminated to help protect the sign. The large sticker sign is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel. So this aluminum panel is weather resistant. The inks used are eco solvent. So that allows for a bright and vivid print that is fade resistant. So that is important in a desert community. Where the sun gets scathingly hot during the summer months. Most everything fades or gets sun damaged in the desert hot sun. So these dust permit signs are designed for one year and extensions on the sign are possible. The Las Vegas sign shop can make stickers for the applicable areas. So this allows for a sign to be updated rather than a new dust sign made.