Clark County Dust Control Sign

Custom Dust Control Signs

Clark County dust control sign are required on construction sites in Southern Nevada. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulate the air quality at construction sites. There job is to limit the amount of dust that goes into the air. It seems when you move the topsoil in Southern Nevada it makes a fine dust go into the air. So on windy days this dust creates a brown haze over Las Vegas and lowers the air quality. So the Clark County dust people try to limit the amount of dust going into the air. They require all construction sites have a responsible party that are held responsible if dust rules are not enforced.

One if the requirements of a construction project is to have a dust control sign be displayed on the site. This Vegas dust sign must have standard information on it like permit number and responsible party contact information. So the dust sign must be readily visible to the public. If something goes wrong, the Clark County dust people want you to call the responsible party to fix the issue. So if the responsible party is not available, the County will get involved. And nobody want the Clark County govt. people involved. Because they can shut down your construction site or issue fines.

Clark County Dust Control Sign
Clark County Dust Control Signs

How Are Clark County Dust Control Sign Made ?

Las Vegas dust signs are printed on a big 4ft x 4ft sticker. The sticker must have certain information on it along with certain text height. The dust sign must be a minimum of 4ft x 4ft. The sticker is printed and then a lamination is applied. The lamination helps protect the print against minor damage. The sign sticker is then mounted on a double sided aluminum panel.

You local dust sign company will have further information for you.