Clark County Dust Permit Signs

Dust Signs Las Vegas

Clark County dust permit signs are mandated by the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. This Clark County govt agency helps ensure that the air we all breathe is dust free. So as a result this agency regulates new construction. So in order to limit the amount of dust that goes into the air.

The Clark County Dept of Environment’s show that a 4ft x 4ft dust sign is needed on construction sites. This dust control permit sign has to have certain information on the sign. Also the sign has to be in an accepted format according to the rules.

Clark County Dust Permit Signs
Clark County Dust Signs

How Are Clark County Dust Permit Signs Made ?

Clark County Dust signs are made by printing on a vinyl sticker and then applying the sticker to an aluminum panel. So this aluminum panel is double sided and has a filler panel in the middle that gives it strength. The vinyl sticker is printed using fade resistant inks. So this way the sign lasts a long time out in the sun. The summer sun has a way of fading colors and these special inks are designed not to fade. The dust sign is then laminated with a gloss or matte lamination to help protect the print against the weather conditions.

The Las Vegas dust signs can then be installed on a chain link fence with wire straps or 4×4 wood posts. So two 4×4 posts are needed to support the sign. It is also wise to cross brace the dust permit sign with 2×4 wood to reinforce it. The winds get mighty strong sometimes in the desert climate. The dust control signs can also be made with MDO board for extra thickness.

Contact your local Las Vegas dust sign shop for more information about these dust signs. Normal turnaround time is one to two days.