Clark County Vegas Dust Signage

Custom Dust Control Signs

Clark County Vegas dust signage is required on job sites in Southern Nevada. The good people at the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability are in charge. Of making sure that excess dust does not go into the air that we all breathe. So they have certain rules and regulations that construction sites must abide by. The require a responsible person be in charge of dust matters on each job site. This person must take a dust control class. The dust people also require that a Vegas dust control sign be placed at the construction site. This dust sign must be in plain view for the people to be able to read.

The Clark County dust people require specific information be placed on the dust control sign. This information includes the permittee’s name. permit number and expiration date of the dust permit. So also required is the acreage involved, telephone number to the responsible party and Clark County Dust Control and project name.

Clark County Vegas Dust Signage
Dust Control Signage Vegas

Are Clark County Vegas Dust Signage Expensive ?

Las Vegas dust signs cost about $125.00 each. A 4ft x 4ft sign is required. Most of the sign companies use a double sided aluminum panel with a big sticker applied. This sign sticker is applied to the aluminum substrate and then laminated to help protect the dust sign against minor damage. The dust permit sign can also be applied to wood. But most construction companies prefer the dust permit signs be on aluminum . Because the dust sign usually gets run over once or twice on a job site and the aluminum sign allows it to be straightened out and hung again. As the wood dust sign gets destroyed and a new one is required.

So a Clark County dust control sign just takes a day or two to make and have ready.