Clark County Vegas Dust Signs

Clark County Dust Control Signs

Clark County Vegas dust signs are mandated by the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The theory being is to manage the environment and also help the economy. So these people have a tough job balancing the environment and keeping the economy going. So no Las Vegas resident wants to breathe a bunch of dust that arises at construction sites when they are building something. Because when the bi construction equipment gets to moving around the machinery kicks up a lot of dust.

The Department of Environment and Sustainability require a 4ft x 4ft dust sign on the property. Also with certain information on it. So this information lets the public know what is going on at the construction site. The dust control permit sign also has contact information of the responsible party on the sign. So this allows for the public to reach out and contact the responsible party if violations occur. The dust permit sign also has the contact information for Clark County as well.

Clark County Vegas Dust Signs
Clark County Dust Control Sign

Clark County Vegas Dust Signs Are Not Expensive

The cost of a 4ft x 4ft dust control permit sign is $150.00. So the sign can be made in a day or so. Also in cases of emergency, some times the dust control permit sign can be made the same day. Las Vegas sign shops recognize that a construction site cannot be shut down over a simple sign. If this is the case, the Vegas sign shop will try their best to accommodate you. So otherwise a dust sign is a 1 or two day project turnaround.

Dust control permit signs are printed on a vinyl application and then applied to a aluminum dibond panel. The dibond panel is weatherproof since it is aluminum and will last a long time in the desert sun.