Custom Foam Board Signs Vegas

Custom foam board signs Vegas are available at your local Las Vegas sign company. Foam board signage is usually considered temporary signage. So these foam core board signs are usually used at conventions and tradeshows where signage is needed only for a few days. The signs are then discarded after the event.

The foam core board signs are custom made to any size you like. The sheets of foam board come in the standard 4ft x 8ft size. So anything large than that the signs have to be butted up against each other to simulate one sign. The foam board signs come in different thicknesses. The standard of the industry is 3/16th and 1/2″ thick foam board. However they also come in the 1: thick variety. Some of the casinos will use 1/2″ thick and 1″ thick foam board signs in their casinos on the floor ways. They will stand straight up and usually be about 6 ft tall. A wide base holds the foam board in place. The casinos like them becasue they are light weight and if not knocked over, they will not hurt anyone.

Custom Foam Board Signs Vegas
Foam Board Signs Vegas

Custom Foam Board Signs Vegas Are Not Cost Prohibitive

The foam core board sign Las Vegas are not expensive. The 3/16ths full color foam board print costs about $9 a square foot. You can also get them in a thicker foam board as well. The foam boards all come with a full color print. So this means you can have as many colors printed on your foam board as you like. Images and pictures can also be printed on the foam signs.

The Vegas foam board signs are printed with large format printers or a flatbed printer. The large format printers print on a vinyl that is then applied to the foam board. The flat bed printer prints directly onto the foam board surface. A gloss or matte laminate can then be applied to the foam board sign to make is shiny or a dull appearance. The dull appearance just stops the light from reflecting on the sign.

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