Dust Sign Las Vegas

Custom Dust Control Signs

Dust sign Las Vegas can get you those mandated dust control signs by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The Clark County dust people’s job is to keep dust out of the air in Southern Nevada. So they make every construction site that is building a residential or commercial structure obey certain regulations. They mandate that one person be responsible for the dust that goes into the air at these construction sites. The designated person has to take a Clark County dust class. The dust in the air causes difficulties for many people to breathe. As Southern Nevada has a fine dust that covers the desert floor. The County also requires a Vegas dust control sign on the property being built.

This dust control sign must have certain information on it. Such as the permittee’s name, acreage and project name. The Clark County dust sign must also have the permit expiration date, permit number and contact information for the Clark County dust people and he responsible party. So this way if there is a violation, you can call the responsible party at the construction site to handle it. If not, the Clark County dust people’s number is on it and they will handle it. So of course its best to have the responsible party take care of the issue rather than the government.

Dust Sign Las Vegas
Dust Signs Vegas

Dust Sign Las Vegas Are Not Expensive.

The cost of a dust sign Vegas is about $150.00. So this dust permit sign is printed on a vinyl sticker and then laminated. Then the sticker is applied to a double sided aluminum substrate that lasts a long time in different weather conditions. The dust control signs Vegas usually take just a day or two to make. So contact your local Vegas dust sign company for more information.