Dust Signs Las Vegas

Clark County Dust Control Signs

Dust signs Las Vegas are needed for the many construction projects in Southern Nevada. There has been a major population increase in Vegas over the last several years. Many of the new residents are Californians tired of their old way of life and wanting to start over. The sell there expensive homes in California and build or buy in Vegas. All this new construction has led to the formation of the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability.

This govt. organization is responsible in part for keeping dust out of the air that we all breathe. The topsoil in Southern Nevada is loose and on windy days or when it is disturbed it goes into the air. The good people at Clark County try to stop this from happening. The designate a responsible party at a construction site who is mandated to take a dust class. This dust class educates them on how to keep dust going into the air at a minimum. Another requirement is that the construction sites have a Vegas dust sign posted. The dust control sign has all the pertinent information about the construction printed on it.

Dust Signs Las Vegas
Dust Sign Las Vegas

Certain Information Needs To Be On The Dust Sign Las Vegas

The project name. permittee’s name and contact information need to be printed on the dust control permit sign. It also needs to have the acreage, Clark County phone number and expiration date of the dust permit. The dust permit sign needs to be plainly visible to the public and is usually near the entrance to the property.

The permittee’s phone number is placed on the sign in case there is an issue with dust. If the issue is not resolved, the Clark County govt then gets involved. So nobody wants the govt. on their job site. Because usually bad things happen. The County can issue fines and/or work stoppages.

Dust signs can be made very quickly and cost about $150.00. Contact your local dust sign store in Vegas for more information.