Las Vegas Construction Dust Signs

Dust Signs Las Vegas

Las Vegas construction dust signs are required by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. There information regarding dust permit signs can be located by clicking on their name. Information regarding Clark County dust class scheduling can be found here.

So basically the Dept/ of Environment require a 4ft x 4ft dust control permit sign that contains certain information about your construction project. Simple information about project name and who the permittee is. In addition the expiration dates of the project and other minor information. All this information and other pertinent information needs to be on the dust permit sign. In certain heights and sizes. The Dept. of Environment takes dust issues seriously. So they will shut down or fine people for being in non compliance.

Las Vegas Construction Dust Signs
Las Vegas Dust Permit Signs

Las Vegas Construction Dust Signs are Not Expensive

Clark County dust signs cost around $150.00 for a new 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign. This aluminum sign is a double sided aluminum sign with a filler panel that gives it strength. The dust control permit sign takes only a day or two to make. So in cases of emergencies, same day dust control signs can be made.

Dust signs are made with an aluminum panel with a vinyl sticker application. The inks used are long lasting and will resist fading in the sunlight. So that is important because the sun gets very hot during the long summer months. The dust control permit sign is then laminated to help weatherize it against the outdoor weather. Also the laminate helps protect the sign against scuffs and minor damage. The construction people like the aluminum signs over the wood signs. Because usually the sign will get ran over a few times while the heavy machinery is on the property. So the aluminum dust sign can be straightened out rather than need replacing.